E-Cruz Vintage Electric Bike

Take a ride back in time to the Introducing the "E-Cruz" by Vintage Electric Bike evoking a bygone era.   Vintage Electrics newest Electric Bike model is a classic California...

Timeless Italian Designed Electric Bike

The name truly says it all. The Classica Retro 28" expresses a Timeless Italian Designed Electric Bike with beautiful leather accents. Featuring and independant front headlight, a backrack with integrated...

Off-Grid – Safe, Secure & Reliable Kodiak Solar Power Kit

The simplest and most reliable way to put solar to work at your home or cottage is the Silver Kodiak Kit!  This solar kit will give you simple, reliable, off-grid power wherever you need it. Perfect for power outages, camping and RV’ing, or as a power source for remote cabins.  Easy to carry.  Quick to assemble.  Unlimited fuel supply.  Fully recharges in 5 – 6 hours of ideal sunlight.

Turn Fire into Electricity with BioLite CampStove 2

Grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated system and #1 Customer Favorite. Generate electricity and create smokeless wood flames with the award-winning CampStove 2 while cooking up your meals with the lightweight Portable Grill and KettlePot attachments. See what you're cooking with the included FlexLight USB Lantern, save space with nested packing, and enjoy a wood-fired camp kitchen.